The Spirits of Architecture / 2010

Supported by Asahi Art Festival

Photo by SUTAR


These buildings were disused and in decay, because of a road widening construction project. However, the memory and spirit of the building still remains in the mind of the people.

In the middle of August there is a Buddhist festival called 'obon', during which the Japanese worship the spirits of their ancestors. I created an installation in order to welcome back the buildings' spirits during this time.

The outlining structures of huge buildings were expressed to the spirits, by assembling many 5mm straws. They became floating structures, showing the fleeting physical existence of the architecture.

沖縄にある銀天街の道路拡張工事の為に、建物が取り壊されてしまった。 しかし、その建物が長い間市民に愛され、遣われた想い出までは無くならない。


5ミリののストローを組み合わせ、巨大な建築の輪郭を、建築の精霊として表現した。 精霊は浮遊し、陽炎のように儚い存在になった。