Institute Effect (workshop) / 2013

Workshop “Institutare” during Institute Effect in Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2013

Supported by Fabrica

Photo by Luke Hayes + others

Graphic design by Catarina Carreiras


Taking the form of an imaginary institute, Institutare challenges the role and context of the term ‘Institution’. A team of emerging international designers from the communication research centre, Fabrica, will design the working landscape for The Institute Effect.

The furniture, visual identity and digital services will establish a modular framework, which can be adapted and rearranged according to the approaches of the 12 other guest institutions.

A series of public workshops invites participants to actively co-design parts of the fictitious establishment Institutare with the Fabrica designers. Participants will make appropriate artifacts and graphic material that sits on top of the basic Fabrica system. The workshops will explore creative interpretations of an inclusive Institution that accommodates different languages, cultures and goals.