Institute Effect (exhibition design) / 2013

Exhibition “Institute Effect” in Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2013

Supported by Fabrica

Photo by Luke Hayes + others

Furniture design + Space design

The Institute Effect becomes a living, changing homage to the contemporary institution. Intended as a constantly changing stream of activity, 12 pioneering institutions engaged in innovative and groundbreaking practice have been invited to takeover the exhibition space, hosting a public programme of their choosing taking consecutive turns in bringing an ever­changing international residency programme to Lisbon.

Set in a fictitious establishment Institutare designed by the first institute, Fabrica, the exhibition space features everything each institute needs to host their event ­ from a workshop area, archive, blog and library to tools and stationary with five institutional rules that each institution has been asked to follow. Over the course of three months visitors can participate in activities as diverse as exploring new forms of pedagogy in an action workshop; visit a re­imagined 1:1 construction of a Mexican architecture gallery; or experience Lisbon through a series of city­wide interventions.