Stone Pad / 2013

Supported by Fabrica

Photo by Marco Zanin

Interaction design by Leonardo Amico

Musician by Jhon William Castano


Music Instrument

Stone Pad was born from the need to give Jhon William Castano’s music a physical dimension. Jhon as a musician at Fabrica collaborated with us to create a musical instrument for a live concert. His new album Mohs is named after German mineralogist Friedrich Mohs, who created a scale for classifying the hardness of minerals.

This would mimic the diversity of minerals in the Mohs scale by linking each of them to a specific sound, allowing the musician to perform his music by using stones as if they were piano keys. The instrument’s wooden structure is arranged in a spiral, a recurring shape in nature, suggesting harmonic growth. It builds up from the ground, from a foundation filled with rocks. Like stone flowers, some blossom toward the sky on wooden stems.

音楽家Jhon William Castanoのために制作した電子打楽器。
彼の最新アルバム「Mohs」はモース硬度(鉱物に対する硬さの尺度)を考案したドイツの鉱物学者フリードリッヒ・モースにインスピレーションを受けたもので、Stone Padはその音楽の世界観を反映した電子楽器である。


石を螺旋状に配置することで、低音から高音の音階を視覚化し、音楽家が演奏しやすい楽器を追求した。 鉱物の中で最も硬いダイヤモンドから、最も軟らかい滑石までの硬度スケールが、音階となるような石の打楽器が出来上がった。