Peace after Fuck You! / 2014

Exhibition “MANIFESTI IN FORME” in Turin, Italy

Supported by Fabrica

Photo by Marco Zanin

Glass Bells

The shapes represent the universal hand signals to express “Fuck You” (one finger) and “Peace” (two fingers). The two glasses capture the feeling of a protest from its angry beginnings to its victorious conclusion. Inside each piece is a bell which interprets the japanese protest demonstration which is accompanied by percussion instruments.

The contrast between fragility of glass and the power of the protest is the essence of this collection. Peace after Fuck You! is part of glass collection called MANIFESTI IN FORME.

Peace after Fuck You!は「Protest(抗議、デモ)」をテーマにしたガラスコレクションの一部として制作された。

2つのガラスベルは、普遍的なハンドジェスチャーである「Fuck You」と「Peace」の形状をしている。抗議者が引き起こす、怒りから勝利までの一連の現象を表現した。